Art & Poetry Book


Art & Poetry Book


This sweet Art & Poetry book of painting imagery and poetry was inspired by patrons, family, and friends who have asked what the stream-of-conscious poetry reads within Tiffani Taylor’s work. Written from her heart, the poetry she writes is indicative of her travels, reverence for Nature, and the cathartic release of beauty and times of adversity. Paintings and Poetry are Ms. Taylor's love gifts to the World. As Ms. Taylor states within one of her paintings, “I am finally ready for my words to show...”


"Whether figurative or literal, there is a multidimensional quality to all of Tiffani's work."

-SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace


"...The Salvador Dali job exemplified her philosophy.  "I'm a painter.  But I believe in saying "yes."  When opportunities present themselves to you, it's important to grow."  

-Laney Lippincott Peterson, Savannah Morning News


"Hers is an alchemy that combines femininity and grit, bridging the relationship between authenticity and happiness.  Also, her work is just so pretty."  

-Jessica Leigh Lebos, Connect Savannah


"Drawing divine inspiration from the world around her...  But in all actuality, it's what she does after she's done creating artwork that's truly angelic." 

-Lauren Hunsberger, South Magazine

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